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Written by bachrockmo
October 18, 2016
Great Cabinetes
I have not had quality problems at all great cabinets for me
Written by Jocelyn
September 27, 2016
Awful cabinets - less than one year old and no longer close properly
I am a designer, and it is the person that sold you your cabinets that did you a disservice by not educating you, or asking you qualifying questions to find the best product for you. I'm sorry for your poor experience, but it is not the fault of Dura.
Written by Jocelyn
September 27, 2016
Bambo frameless cabinets
I am a designer that sells Dura, and most all of your issues are a result of mistakes your designer made ordering your product incorrectly, and mishandling resulting in damage. For oven cabinets, specs clearly state weight limits and is the responsibility of your designer. The reason Dura referred you back to the home center is because it is the designers mistakes for most of your issues. I am so sorry for your poor experience,as Dura is a great product. Ultimately it is the company you purchased from to correct the issue, which I certainly hope they do for you!
Written by Brandon
September 12, 2016
Please read this before ordering
If you do end up sueing, please email me as my wife and I are in the same boat. It would probably be good to get together a class action lawsuit and move forward. Thanks!
Written by jamyecole@gmail.com
August 02, 2016
The finish is peeling off my cabinets too! It is terrible. Were you able to resolve this problem in the end? How old are your cabinets? What color? I wonder if they are the same?
Written by designerguy
July 13, 2016
Molding Rip-Off
Unfortunately it was the dealer that you bought the molding from that gouged you, not Medallion. The retail on four pieces of painted outside corner is about $290. Less if you were to buy an entire kitchen.
Written by Joe
May 30, 2016
The comment from the owner is a pathetic excuse for quality. It doesn't take anymore time to do something right, and when you don't, you pass the cost of time and money to the customer. There is no excuse for the sloppy workmanship, and cabinets that are out of level and square. This is a finished product, so regardless of the materials used, they must be square and level. As an owner you pass on your responsibility to the customer, which is a reflection of your integrity and who you are as a person. You have chosen to follow the sheep that make crap, and perpetuate the decline of pride and quality of work in our country. You can delude yourself like many others do, but there is no excuse for selling crap.
Written by Canyon Creek Cabinet Company
May 27, 2016
Repeat Customer
Thank you, Dean, and we're glad you're happy with your cabinets! We appreciate your kind words.
Written by Canyon Creek Cabinet Company
May 27, 2016
Canyon Creek cabinets
Thank you, Quentin, for your fair and balanced review. We sure do appreciate you and value our partnership!
Written by Karen
May 26, 2016
Nearly 2 yrs later and all of the same problems are still present with Schrock cabinets. Doors attached at different heights and won't line up, dripping finish, chips, cracks, etc. So they are still manufacturing shoddy cabinets.
Written by Karen
May 26, 2016
Not Good Quality Any More...
I did order cabinets all at the same time and therefore should have all been finished with stain from the same lot, but they are finished in at least 3 different colors. So it seems Schrock doesn't have any consistency in the color of their finishes.
Written by Karen
May 26, 2016
Awful Cabinetry
I upgraded to all plywood construction and had all the same problems has this reviewer has described.
Written by Marilu
April 22, 2016
bothered by quality of service
I went to the only dealer in San Francisco and was told that Starmark cannot custom cabinets. One corner of my kitchen is angled, since the wall behind it is angled. I was told that Starmark will not do this part, but in one of Starmark's magazines from that dealer shows a kitchen with an angled wall. The dealer then said my kitchen is small; so I am not sure if he is looking for a minimum bid. Will you please see if a short angled wall is an issue with Starmark?
Written by Steve
April 18, 2016
Great Cabinetes
Schrock Cabinetry has gone so far down the hill it seems impossible for them to ever get back up again. Their Quality is awful. They are the worst cabinets!
Written by Frank S Mitchell
April 12, 2016
Junk consruction and worse warranty!
Your comments are way out of line! Your installer probably missed the studs. And there is a stretchers both at the top and bottom of the cabinets for installation purposes. Another point is that the cabinets may have been over loaded for four years! I know Kraftmaid cabinets pretty well! 18 years! Kraftmaid cabinets do not have card board backs! Why would you by particle board cabinets when you could have purchased Plywood cabinet construction for about 15 percent more. I know installers who will only install Kraftmaid. By the way Kraftmaid cabinets are a mid range cabinet. And I have never had issues with replacements due to warranty issues. Are there problems sometimes? Oh sure, but Kraftmaid takes care of them! Nothing is perfect!
Written by Jim
April 11, 2016
Beware! Not as represented
I believe your dismay might be with Lowes and not with Diamond.
I represent 20+ cabinet companies. They all have good, better, best scenario
If ordered as all wood they should be all wood. Plywood sides and backs as well as dovetail drawers of solid wood.
As far as a sink base dimension...again Lowes. I have put a double bowl 33" wide 10" deep undermount sink under granite tops in as little as a 24" wide sink base cabinet. I regularly undersize the sink base as they are usually useless for storage and sometimes limit the dimension from the sink to the corner disallowing the ability to use a susan cabinet in the corner.
Want cheap go to the box stores. Want good, honest, quality, unequalled customer service, call me!

Written by Jen
March 23, 2016
Less Than High Quality With a Lousy Finish
It seems that the contractors and manufacturers always blame the homeowners. If the cabinets arrived with huge problems like dings and poor finish - this is not the fault of the homeowner or their installer. Decor by Masterbrand has also received terrible reviews from MANY users. The good reviews are coming from reps or colleagues. I always go by the users reviews - which are the most honest.
Written by John
March 18, 2016
Customer No Service! Just call back!
Based on your review I decided to call the company directly to see if I could make contact with them and get questions answered. While factory customer service said they like their retail customers to use their retail sellers to address or attempt to address problems directly that if the retail sellers don't handle problems or resolve them that their regional reps can be contacted and used to address problems. The manufacturer is accessible 1-800-476-4181, their customer service rep did field questions about warranty claims, handling policy, and asked me if I needed a name of a local dealer to me to get a bid or service from. What they didn't do was offer any explanation or comment about my observation that negative reviews here about the company seem to have been posted in 2014 and positive reviews have been in prior years, 2011 for example. I made the comment that perhaps 2014 was a bad or unusual year for them in some way, but no comment was forthcoming from them on that point. Additionally they had nothing to say to address my concern about picking the right company to purchase cabinets from, seeing that I'm the one to have to make a one-shot choice as to manufacturer, and it would be nice to get some kind of assurance about their belief in the company's ability to deliver a quality product/service at these particular price points, the rep was totally silent on the subject. While any company has problems and some companies have ongoing issues that they are fighting or not fighting it would be useful to us potential customers if people would take the time to come forward even after coming here to make a complaint to follow up on how their issues were finally handled. They either persisted in getting their problems addressed and resolved or ultimately gave up and removed the products and went on to something else or are just living with and making do with what they purchased.
Written by Tania Castilhos
March 11, 2016
Great selection and many custom options
I am very disappointed with the quality of the work. 90% of the cabinet doors came damaged.

Their replacement did not have the correct attachment - door and cabinet did not match.

Shelves are too thick and the finishing started peeling 3 weeks after the installation.

Very poor work. I do not recommend.
Written by Rick
March 03, 2016
Worst Purchase made on any home renovation I've done in the past 6 years

It definitely sucks xxxxxx screwed you. I can tell you that Kemper is a good cabinet line and yes things do come in damaged at times but good customer service can fix any problem and replacement parts can be had within a week.
Written by Guest
December 19, 2015
Ordered over $20K Medallion cabinets for a client, specifying bella door style cherry wood, peppercorn finish. Promised in 5-6 weeks, arrived late 7-8 weeks, delaying rest of job. Finish of cabinets was unrecognizable, species looked more like quarter sawn oak than cherry. No matching of veneers between doors, drawers or side by side cabinets. Frames and corner skins didn't match anything either. It looked like a patchwork quilt. Dealer insisted that cabinet finish could be repaired and we should permit installation. Against my better judgment, I agreed, since client needed to move in with a working kitchen. After a month of haggling with manufacturer's rep, rep finally agreed to have cabinets refinished on site. Such a toxic process, that ongoing renovation was delayed while cabinets were being refinished. Client was now stuck with a painted finish, not the original stained finish she had ordered and paid for. Rep would not pay to have interiors of doors refinished, so that when doors are opened the old ugly stained finish is evident. The undersides of the cabinets were left unfinished. Sit at a table and you can gaze at unfinished wood. The factory doesn't finish the bottoms of its cabinets....unbelieveable! Also ordered pantry cabinets while waiting for kitchen order. Wanted to cancel pantry cabinets but was urged not to by a promise that this would not occur again. Wrong! Exactly the same thing happened a second time. Now haggling again with manufacturer's rep to get these cabinets removed and refinished off site. Word to the wise -- stay away from Medallion. Clearly their quality control is non-existent; what you see in the dealer's showroom and what you get are 2 different things. Manufacturer's rep prefers to replace cabinets, but no guarantee that you'll get anything better after waiting another 6 weeks!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!
Written by Mark
December 16, 2015
Worse remodel with Home Depot and Woodmark - stay away
I agree with your statement 100%. We are having some of the same problems as you. poor customer service from both companies.
Written by Joe W.
December 08, 2015
Good selection of options
I just had a Kraftmaid kitchen installed and although the kitchen is very small and has only 16 cabinet doors there were 8 of them with imperfections, the replacement doors had 1 that was acceptable and the other ones were worse.
Our complaints have gotten on their nerves and the last answer was that wood is a natural product that has imperfections but the problems I am complaining about are tiny holes in the surface and router slips on the side of the doors. NOT something I want to have for an 18k kitchen.
We loved their styles and the price was decent but at the moment we are having the problem that a 1 month project is going on for 3 and there is no end in sight.
Tip for you: check all doors really carefully and if they are not what you want don't install them until you have proper replacements.
Written by Renee
November 20, 2015
Misleading Farm Sink Cabinet Design *BEWARE*
What sink did you end up ordering? Please advise! I am having the same issue!
Written by Renee
November 20, 2015
Misleading Farm Sink Cabinet Design *BEWARE*
Oh NO! I just ordered my cabinet and am in the process of looking for a farmhouse sink.. which one did you end up getting? I am very nervous now! Thanks in advance
Written by Tricia
November 14, 2015
Dominion, Mocha Glaze
I order the same and had the same problem, except this is FOUR years later. You'd think it would be easier for Shennandoah to improve their quality, than pay for shipping returns and sales rep/ damage control salary.
Written by C Gallo
October 29, 2015
Still looking good after all the years
I have a home built in 2002 with the white laminate Aristrokraft cabinets. DON'T DO IT! The laminate is peeling and splitting off EVERY DOOR AND DRAWER! Cabinets doors by the oven are warped and buckled. Frames sagging and peeling. They're a disaster!
Written by Laurie
October 25, 2015
Never Again!
Its Laurie again. Please add this update to the review that is above that I just sent in.

Update - We are now putting on the doors, adding the shelves in to the cabinets that are on the wall and putting the two drawer fronts on the kitchen drawers that showed up with no fronts. The two, separately sent, kitchen drawer fronts should have been easy to install with just a couple of screws. However, when we put the first one on and put the level on it the drawer was straight but barely fit. It turns out the top drawer, put on by Kraftmaid at the factory, is sitting at a pretty decent incline. It wasn't as noticeable because it sits right under the granite but with the next drawer front now going below it, the top drawer is definitely on an incline and rubs the "straight" drawer below it. Then the bottom drawer front didn't fit where the L brackets were placed on the drawers to mount the front face. We went back and measured the placement of the brackets and Kraftmaid placed the L brackets a half-inch off between the two drawers.

Yesterday we put up doors on the shelving in the laundry area. The doors had pre-drilled holes for the hinges on some areas and others we had to drill them ourselves even though they were identical 42 inch cabinets. Then we noticed that some of the shelving had holes drilled for them and others did not. It should also be noted that when you order extra single shelving, you still pay a premium for the shelf but instead of actual wood, they are particleboard. It would seem that if they are going to have wood shelving and you order an extra shelf, you should get the same material.

Again, I will give this company a single star because my cabinets look beautiful now that they are up, but this company has a long way to go in the “Pride of Craftsmanship” department. I hope that this review will somehow reach Kraftmaid, and reach the upper echelons of the company. The cabinets are absolutely gorgeous, but the company needs to overhaul their quality control division. With a few more people making sure that things are done with a bit more precision it could all get back on track.
Written by shariharan
October 18, 2015
Well made, good customer service
I concur with comments here- exact same situation and there is no need to repeat this- Thomasville/XXXXXX: a perfect combo!
Written by Matthew
October 12, 2015
Less Than High Quality With a Lousy Finish
This is definitely more of a contractor doing poor quality work than defective material. Also, have you determined that they indeed Kemper cabinets?
Written by Guest
October 09, 2015
Less Than High Quality With a Lousy Finish
Problems with installation and gaps isn't Kempers fault its whoever you hired to do the layout and installation. Kemper sends what they order. This sounds like your builder charged you for Kemper and then went with builder grade. Does it say Kemper inside their drawers? Decor is sold by Home Depot, anyone can buy it. Your builder screwed you over not Kemper. Kemper stands behind their products, they replace damaged doors without question.
Written by Guest
October 09, 2015
Shelves NOT full depth in lower cabinets
You can get full depth shelves in Kemper, its an upgrade. Just ask for it.
Written by B Hill
August 17, 2015
Kitchen Craft Cabinetry
Do not order fromKitchenCraftcabinets. Delivery time is 10 weeks. Reordered doors which were promised at two weeks, took 10 weeks to receive. They arrived damaged again. Poor quality control. Poor customer service.
Written by Thoughts...
July 17, 2015
Less Than High Quality With a Lousy Finish
I would concur with much of what MIKE before me said. I find that the biggest factor in a home project is not necessarily the products (although important) but the specialists that are hired to complete the job in your home. DID YOU SEE THEIR WORK BEFORE YOU LET THEM ENTER YOUR HOME? Here is the problem with this example. I am not saying that the KEMPER cabinetry was not at fault with their less-than proper quality BUT what I am saying is that the workers receiving the materials in the home may not have had the proper knowledge of how to complete their job.
This is a common happening these days. Lots of people are trying to get the least price. You get what you pay for still. In this customers case, it sounds like the DECORA cabinets would have the same issues as the KEMPER because of the hired specialists doing the work didn't know what their job entailed. Both companies are quality made cabinets. They have their hiccups. Customers have the right to contact their cabinet design company who will then contact KEMPER/DECORA to rectify the situation.
Written by Kathy
July 15, 2015
American Woodmark cabinet.. you get what you pay for
I have nothing good to say about American Woodmark and Home Depot is, at best, sketchy. We have American Woodmark cabinets which were in our kitchen when we moved into our home. We have had several problems with the hinges to our corner cabinet. A couple of years ago, after a great deal of time and effort, we were able to purchase a replacement hinge for the broken one. Now, the other hinge is broken. My husband went to Home Depot and was told "Yeah. We get people coming in all the time with this same problem. They don't make these hinges any longer. Here's a number to call." I just called the number which was American Woodmark and, after an extremely frustrating conversation with one of their representatives in what they optimistically call "Customer Service," I was finally told that the warranty is only good for the original purchaser--and she was snippy at that! There was absolutely no effort to attempt to resolve the problem and she didn't even want to talk with me. I absolutely do NOT recommend this cabinet maker!
Written by AL
July 14, 2015
Omega Cabinets
May I ask what type of finish, paint or stain, you have? what kind of doors? We are in the process right now of reviewing quotes and are trying to decide on white painted finish with wood veneer vs laminate for the interior.
Written by Ann
July 13, 2015
I was going to talk to a interior designer tomorrow about a quote for new cabinets in my bathrooms and kitchen supplied by Dura Supreme. After reading these reviews I am going to cancel my appointment.

What happened to all of the quality cabinetmakers?

Did they all retire and leave their businesses to their children who have run their companies and product name into the ground?

This was the 2nd cabinet mfg I have looked at today.

The other one had very bad reviews also!
Written by Jason
July 07, 2015
Please read this before ordering
FYI: Thomasville and Schrock are both manufactured by MasterBrand.
Written by Jane Patterson
July 04, 2015
Still looking good after all the years
Our oak kitchen cabinets are 26 years old. I've been looking at new cabinet replacements. The oak cabinets were Aristoscraft. (Middle grade, I guess). While new cabinets have all the frills not available back in the 80's I agree the construction may have been better back then. I can't seem to find cabinets with the quality finish of my current cabinets. Would like to go with white cabinets. Afraid of the horror stories I've read about surface peeling. I'll keep looking I guess.
Written by Guest
June 30, 2015
Horrible quality
Toekicks ship loose on pantry cabinets
Written by Kerstin
June 25, 2015
Poorly Constructed-Lifetime Warranty Completely False
We had our cabinets for 6 years and they started to fall apart! They were literally falling off the wall. Kraft Maid did replace our cabinets, but are refusing to include crown molding which they want us to repurchase for $240 and they are refusing to cover the cost of uninstalling and reinstalling all of the cabinets (which cost us $2000) We will be pursuing this legally. I though that this was a fluke, but judging by other reviews I am reading I guess 6 years is the lifespan of these incredibly inferior cabinets.
Written by Linda C
June 17, 2015
Horrible quality
Hi. I represent the company, and just saw your review. I am sorry to hear you've had difficulties. We are concerned about your experience and would like to get more details. Can you please send some contact information my way? I'd like to help! Thanks! Linda
Written by Guest
May 28, 2015
Run, Poorly Constructed Cabinets
The complaints you are sharing are valid for the construction you are purchasing. The cabinet has the option to upgrade to various levels of quality. It is important to understand what you are paying for. Expectations are everything. I have designed with many many levels and qualities of cabinets and Kemper is by far one of my favorite. No cabinet company is perfect but when its not perfect, they will fix it.
Written by Mike
May 13, 2015
Shelves NOT full depth in lower cabinets
Half Depth Shelving is standard with most cabinet manufacturers. Full Depth Shelves would have been an option but your designer/salesman may not have mentioned this. Roll out trays can be ordered as an accessory from Kemper and are easy to install.
Written by Mike
May 13, 2015
Run, Poorly Constructed Cabinets
Sounds like shipping damages. They do have a Limited Lifetime Warranty that could have been used to replace any damaged cabinets when they were delivered. Plywood sides are available at only an additional 1%. If they wanted all plywood box'es it would have increased their cost only 5%. Like many things in life we do get what we pay for.
Written by Mike
May 13, 2015
Less Than High Quality With a Lousy Finish
I have sold Kemper Cabinets and many other lines for many years and they do stand behind their products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. I would recommend contacting the dealer. If this is a painted finish the hairline cracks at the joints are expected due to expansion and contraction of the wood. This is expected with all painted finishes. With painted cabinetry all joints are much more visible than with stained cabinets. Nature of the beast. ProSource does not install cabinetry so some of the issues are due to the installation and lack of adjustments. Decora is a more custom line at a higher price point.
Written by Guest
April 30, 2015
Aristokraft Cabinetry
The finish on these and materials these cabinets are made from are so ridiculously inferior I am enraged by their existence and sorry they are/were ever made at all. Garbage total garbage and a grotesque waste of all resources and effort to produce!
Written by Guest
April 18, 2015
cliq studios cabinets
I don't believe Cliq studios sells Diamond cabinetry. Perhaps this review should be listed elsewhere?
Written by Guest
April 18, 2015
good quality poor customer service and order arrived wrong.
I have been a kitchen designer for 18 years. It sounds like many of your issues have to do with the order placement and not necessarily the cabinet company. Perhaps you should consider that Lowe's customer service/follow-up could be the problem?
Written by Natalia
April 14, 2015
Durasupreme cabinets are very poor quality and craftmanship
How were your issues addressed? This is concerning when there are other consumers making such large purchases like this.
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