Getting Started
After viewing all the ideas, options and opportunities it is time to get started on your own room design. Although the process may seem a bit overwhelming with a little up front preparation before you meet with your Design Professional you can be assured your new living space will be a dream come true. Four easy steps and your are on your way. Use the attached Design Planner to assist you in gathering all the information.

I. Project Details
To create a space that is uniquely yours it is imperative that you identify not only your style but your wants, wishes and must haves. Providing your Designer with as much information initially will streamline and expedite the design process. We suggest completing the Project Detail section of the Design Planner and bringing it along with any idea photos to your first design appointment.

II. Measuring Your Space
Providing to your Designer what we call a "foot print" or room dimensions of your space will help them obtain an initial understanding of what area they will be working with. Rough measurements of the lengths and height of the walls and where the obstacles (i.e. Windows, Doors, Outlets and Switches) are located in the room can be recorded using the graph paper found in the Design Planner.

III. Structural Elements
Making it all fit. The layout of the design will depend on the size and shape of the structural elements that are a part of the room. Utilize the worksheet found in the Design Planner to record the critical structural details of the room.

IV. Appliances and Fixture
Because it is not just about the cabinetry, the other key elements of the design include appliances, plumbing fixtures, countertops and flooring. Recording the dimension and details of these element is essential to ensure everything will work together in creating the perfect space.


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