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This is so depressing to even write about! The last five months have been total hell for me due to Lowes!  I had already suffered a fire in my kitchen so having a new kitchen put in was not my decision it was one I was forced to have to make!  I went into Lowes on January 3 hoping they would help me get my kitchen back in order!  I worked with XXXXX in kitchens and she ordered the Allen and Roth cabinets that she highly recommended!  So I got the phone call of their delivery date and two days before my contractor tore out my entire kitchen!  So I literally had walls in my kitchen left!  When my contractor opened these boxes one after the other they were so unfinished paint still missing, you could see the lines where they were put together, broken doors,  split cabinets, and the best one of all was the center one that was totally out of square so much that the door front didn't even close! For the since base cabinet they wanted you to build it yourself!  They basically just sent the drawer front!  It was a mess and need I remind you I have 2 children at home and no kitchen sink or appliances!  So what started out as me getting a hotel for a couple of weeks ended up being me getting a hotel for almost 3 months!  I live in Richmond Hill and the closest hotel with a working kitchen was in Savannah which is 30 minutes from me so driving round trip every school day to take my children back and forth one hour round trip for 3 months was no fun either!  Lowes promised to make this right first working with XX and he said over and over again they would make this right!  I ordered a white shaker style cabinet.  They said they would order them now from Kraftmaid since the quality was so poor and badly made this time.  I was fine with that I just wanted them in as soon as possible since I didn't have a kitchen and was having to live in a hotel! These cabinets came in 4 weeks later and I was so excited just to be disappointed again!  All of my drawer fronts where a solid flat white surface! There was one cracked down the inside front and hinges were coming off!  scratch on one!  The pantry was missing a sliding drawer!  No time pieces were sent!  So back to lowes I went this is at this point my 8th visit to the store about my kitchen problems!  Calling this store and trying to get someone on the phone is next to impossible!  The only time I would get anything done is if I went in there and was talking to someone directly!  They said they would order new drawer fronts on all cabinets so that the paint would match! Today is May 21 and I am still missing my kitchen drawer front is still missing along with my pantry, and trash can!  I came in and spoke with XXX which he agreed to adjust my bill by some which is reality he just matched the current ad that they were offering if you ordered Kraftmaid cabinets at that particular time!  So in reality I got nothing cause if I would have walked in and made a new order that particular day I would have gotten the same price!  This was done by manager XXX cause now at this point I was being passed on to someone else cause no one wanted to deal with this!  It was 2 more weeks before I got new drawer fronts and they are coming in pieces!  one or two at a time!  My contractor started opening the boxes and realized they were coming in just the door or drawer front and not predrilled or anything that he had to try and match everything up so very difficult and so he walked off the job after I had already paid him extra to deal with all these mess ups by XXXX and Kraftmaid!  I had to find another contractor willing to finish the job it was very frustrating but how could I blame him he thought he would have this kitchen completed in mid February at the latest not into May and were still dealing with this!  I reached out to XXXX at this point cause I had all of these old drawer and door fronts that he had replaced still at my house and not sure what to do with them he assured me that he would have someone pick them up the following day and guess what no show!  Left messages for him to call me back and never did left message for xxxx no call back!  I can not tell you how long I spend sitting on hold waiting just for them to come back and take a message or put me in a voicemail!  After Thursday I again made a 30 minute drive into Savannah to discuss this with XXXX again to find out why these drawer front had not been picked up like he promised!  I loaded them up in the car with my son and took them back myself!!  When I got there I spoke with XXXX and he had nothing to say!  Asked when I would get my four drawer front that I still have not received and he said they would check on that and call me back now having XXXXX in kitchen take over well guess what two weeks later again and no work from Donna Mark or anyone!!  I feel like Lowes did not give a crap about me or what my family has gone through all because their kitchen expert did not do her job from the start!  Did I mention thatI have MS and the worst thing for me is stress and that I was even hospitalized at one point because of all the stress from this!  I had to hire another contractor costing me $1500 BECAUSE OF THE MISTAKES MADE BY THEM!  The worst experience of my life and I do not recommend Lowes or Kraftmaid for cabinets to anyone! 

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