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We were going to wait until our remodel is over to write a review, in hopes it would be comprehensive (and hopefully better), but we're so discouraged and upset at this point, we feel it's good to get it out there ASAP.

We recently purchased a large kitchen's worth of Dura Supreme custom cabinetry. We are thoroughly dismayed both at the product we received, and the lack of attempt on Dura Supreme's part to make us satisfied with the issues we have had to deal with. Our entire experience thus far has done nothing but cause stress, time delays, and added expense to both our contractor and ourselves.

- The crown molding arrived poorly created (paint not clean, cut crooked)
- One cabinet was entirely the wrong size and delayed our ability to do countertops, especially given that Dura made no attempt to rush this replacement cabinet and our lovely kitchen store rep had to drive it to us herself to get it to us faster
- At least half of the cabinets arrived (not post-installment) with dinged and nicked paint and wood
- Most (if not all) of the cabinets had misaligned, peeling, chipped or crooked edge banding - including those that have exposed fronts and thus get to be seen every day for the rest of the lifetime of our kitchen
- We had to place 6 replacement orders, further delaying the project and costing us and our contractor time and money
- For one entire cabinet, even the Dura Supreme rep that came out to the property admitted the edge banding was awful, and yet not only did they refuse to replace it but would not even cover the cost of that cabinet. They came back regarding that cabinet explaining it as "it happens time to time with machine-made cabinets." Based on the frequency of that recurring issue in just one kitchen, we'd say it happens a lot more than "time to time" with Dura Supreme.
- Our interior designer even stated this order was the worst she had ever seen, in quality and in the amount of "fix it" orders we had to place. Our contractor mirrored that and said that in all his experience, across ranges of cabinet costs and suppliers, we did not at all receive the quality we paid for.
- The inside detailing is uneven on cabinets, so one set of cabinets has it higher on one side and lower on the other.

We reached out to Dura Supreme to have these issues addressed, remedied or otherwise recognized and the response we received was not only a lack of offering to cover our unnecessary expenses, replace the cabinetry or refund for the cabinetry for which we cannot afford to wait on replacements, but to somewhat dismiss our concerns as being the result of remodel stress, assuring us that we would be happy once the project was complete. Completing our project late, more expensive than intended and with brand new cabinets that already look worn/used is not going to help our lack of satisfaction.

Furthermore, after having written most of this review upon first receiving our cabinets and being angry at the lack of customer service, we received 5 of the 6 necessary replacement part orders to find that there were serious defects in them. In fact, some were the same defects that Dura admitted warranted replacements to begin with. So now, there are two orders of the same pieces (light rail, crown molding and toe kicks) that are made with the same poor construction. The toe kick pieces weren’t even the same material as our original order, it was a cheaper material, and was missing the detailing we paid extra for. The issues are so bad that we have had to go to an third party repair specialist to fix these before we can even install these parts. Still NO money back (not even to reimburse our designer and contractor who both accrued additional expenses and hours trying to remedy and fix these cabinet issues, or the additional delay in our project costing us even more money). Still no actually quality-checked replacement parts. We didn’t get even so much as an apology from Dura Supreme. What's worse, we got a response from the Western US Sales Rep saying they felt these materials were "acceptable." Our contractor is unable to even install them based on how bowed the wood is. Our contractor has stated he has never seen such poor material in all his work.

Given that we could have spent a small fraction more money to receive perfectly hand made, plywood (not particleboard) cabinets, with quality assurance, we wish we would have gone in a different direction and advise you to do the same.

Since writing this, however, I'm continuing to add to this review with more problems surfacing. Luckily for Dura Supreme, we're posting this today, before this list can continue (as it likely will). Our remodel end date according to the contractor is May 15 (as in everything else in the house is done), and as of May 10, we are still receiving faulty cabinet materials. Yesterday, we found that the measurements were done incorrectly on one entire wall of the kitchen, with our only fix either being to redesign our appliance layout, or reorder one whole wall of cabinets. My entire kitchen layout and wish list is being compromised now, so we've managed to cover aesthetics, functionality and quality in Dura's issues.

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