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Mediocre cabinets

We ordered 25 kitchen cabinets and 9 kitchen drawers from a Kemper Cabinets dealer when we built our home over 10 years ago. The exterior quality was a beautiful light oak wood, some of which had noticeable flaws, but this particular finish has weathered very well, although I do try to maintain good care of them. However, through the years we have had many catastrophies with the shelves which were poorly designed with flimsy support pins. It all started within the first year of installation. We would hear a loud bang and everything would come flying out of a cabinet or two with the entire contents storming out and breaking everything in sight, including taking chunks out of my new huge counters! I never had any response from Kemper as a result of my inquires re these incidents. It would take me forever to find a store that provided some kind of similar supports, so I, as the mother of the household, had to redrill the contact holes many times, doing multiple cabinets. As the years have gone on, this has happened when I was working right under the cabinets and was injured from the vast "explosion" coming down on me and cutting me with glass and broken china. After recovering, I would hunt down hopefully better supports and replace the old ones all over again. Well, on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, after recovering from a long illness, our whole family of 35, including my 19 grandchildren, were enjoying the day in my large kitchen when we were scared by a huge crash! It was one of the large cabinets of shelves that forced through the door and crashed down on all of the appliances, glass food dishes, putting holes in my linoleum floor! We all thanked God that no one had actually been right under the cabinet when it happened or we would have had a trip to the hospital! It took us a couple of hours to clean up the mess and we lost a lot of food, but we were thankful no one was injured, especially the little ones! So what we thought were high quality cabinets had a very poorly manufactured cabinet product for which we will never have any customer response from Kemper or we, suspect, MasterBrand.....

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