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We've had these cabinets for two years now. I have a number of complaints regarding the product. #1 The paint finish is light in some areas and lacks appropriate spray... We noticed this after the countertop was installed... I'm not sure I would have sent it back or asked for a replacement but a very basic oversight in quality control on their part. #2. We puchased a china hutch with glass front. My wife has displayed her china on the shelves-- with three settings on each shelf. Not a great deal of weight-- really it has to be less than 5 lbs. It was Christmas yesterday, and as we were putting China away today, I noticed that all of the shelves in the cabinet are sagging visibly. We also have a pantry cabinet with serious shelf sagging. #3 They arrived and the carcasses were built out of particle board. (This was not DuraSupreme's fault.) The kitchen designer should have made us aware, but for this price point I was shocked as the contractors was unboxing cabinets made particle board. Be sure to ask if you are getting 3/4 ply boxes.... This is more of a warning than anything else. #4. The hardware for items like the garbage can rollout is finicky and requires a lot of adjustment. One of the drawers is squeaking. Overall, I look at our cabinets and given the $25K price tag I wish we had gone with KraftMaid from Home Depot. We had those cabinets at our last home and the product was superior for 1/2 the cost, and we used them longer with fewer issues. I was also surprised by the Houzz reviews... When I was researching these I believe I may have even stopped their and been satisfied that these cabinets are good... Very disappointed and I hope prospective buyers see this.

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Written by Topo
March 01, 2017
I have been designing and selling kitchens for over 30 plus
years . I have designed and sold Aristokraft , Schrock group which is Thomasville ,Diamond ,Schrock ,Kemper (All the same maker they just rename the doors.), Fieldstone,Woodharbor ,
Bertch,Ultracraft ,Brammer , Rivera ,Mid Continent , Kraftmaid ,
Merrilat ,Country Wood , Legacy, Wellborn , Crystal ,Mid Continent, Kitchen Craft. My favorite line is Dura Supreme and I say that with over 500 plus projects over the years with Dura alone . I have NEVER had a dissatisfied customer period!

The company you purchase them from is key along with the designer and installer . Your China hutch shelf that is sagging is not due to it being furniture core (particle board) it's due to a shelf clip not installed in the middle back and stile area most likely and if it is indeed warped Dura will replace it n/c - make the phone call ! I will give you an example of how good their warranty is .
I had a kitchen I designed 4 years ago that a panel developed a crack in their $10,000 hood - Dura send a new hood out in 3 weeks and paid my installer to replace . Kraftmaid is part of the
Masco group - a giant company that owns Merrilat ,Starmark and
Fieldstone (not the original Fieldstone founded by the Lewerke's)
- production is very automated and not much hands on -
I've been to all of the factories of the companies listed above
and Dura has top notch workers. If you have a paint issue that needs to be addressed and looked at - Dura will stand behind their product and warranty. I have many examples of items Dura
took care of and a lot of it was not manufacture error but installation or poor handling on the delivery service or storage before delivery . The most important thing is know who you are purchasing them from - Are they going to take care of you if there
Is a problem? My experience is a lot unfortunately don't and blame the manufacture because their on to the next sale.
Dura is a great company to work with and does stand behind their product .

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