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I purchased Kraftmaid from Loew's several years ago. My delivery was perfect as was installation. When the thermofoil started coming off...kraftmaid sent and installed replacements. It happened again and they replaced several cabinets again. After that, and several years later Kraftmaid called me and stated they "discovered the issue with the adhesive" related to the thermofoil and wanted to replace all my cabinets fronts...and they did....43 to be exact. 3 years later the thermofoil is coming off again. Needless to say this was an expensive kitchen and when I purchased my cabinets... I was told they were kitchen cabinets by Lowe's and Kraftmaid. Now I am being told by is a heat source that causes the an oven, stove or toaster. They will send me replacements but I have to pay for installation. So...I guess they will sell a defective product even though they are aware of the problem. I believe they should have been honest at the time of purchase...I believe they should install the replacements that I need...but they expect me to pay for the install even though they know it is defective. I guess I will be looking forward to a life of replacing cabinets...thought I would not have anything to do in my retirement years. I am really disappointed as I love my cabinets. Up to this point I felt Kraftmaid was a pretty good company...not so much anymore.

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Written by exnuyorker
March 26, 2017
Did your designer provide you with a heat shield for installation of the cabinets next to the stove? If not that was the designers fault.
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