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Worst Customer Service EVER!

I wish there was an option to give a "negative star" rating to this company. My kitchen remodel began in April 2016. It is now September and it is STILL not finished due to what can only be described as gross incompentence on the part of Kraftmaid. While I accept that mistakes get made and I am usually able to roll with the punches, the amount and degree of screw-ups and the lack of the company caring about said screw-ups is absolutely ridiculous. To begin with, several cabinets arrived incorrect (wrong dimensions) and/or damaged, which isn't really unheard of, so no big deal since Kraftmaid offered to replace them. However, that meant waiting another 6-8 weeks, which again, would have been fine, had the products not been replaced with items that were further either incorrect and/or damaged. All of the trim pieces for my entire kitchen were packaged with the stained surfaces against each other and no packing material between them, resulting in not a single piece being useable. Again, they were replaced (at another 6-8 week delay), but this was avoidable for about $0.35 worth of packing material. The quality control of the stain application is atrocious and we had to have a furniture refinisher out on 2 separate occasions to fix the stain so that it appeared even (seriously, I don't think their employees even look at things before they go out the door!). Wrong sized and/or damaged pull-out drawers were delivered for the pantry and were replaced with drawers that were the correct size but had the wrong rail mounting system. When my fiancé called to have them replaced for the second time, he even did Kraftmaid's job of looking up the correct item # and telling them exactly what to order. The next set of replacement drawers were the wrong size. The set they sent after that was damaged, because again, they apparently have children or poorly-trained monkeys supervising the packaging of their products. Each of these replacements comes with yet another delay. Finally after MULTIPLE replacements of the same products, we have pieces that are usable. I won't say they are correct because they were still damaged but we can't wait another month or two to complete this job, so we've fixed them ourselves. In all of this, not once has Kraftmaid expressed any desire to "make things right" other than to continue sending us subpar product. And, they don't take back any of the damaged and defective product, so in addition to them wasting thousands of dollars on unusable product instead of just getting it right the first (or the second, or the third time), I'm now stuck with an entire garage full of crap product that I have to arrange for disposal of.

The only saving grace for this sh*t-show of customer service is the knowledge that, not only will no one I know purchase from this company, but my contractor (who deals with a whole lot of people buying cabinets) will be steering everyone he encounters clear of this company.

I've dealt with plenty of other companies that have gotten things wrong in the past, but it has always been handled in a professional manner in which the company was apologetic about mistakes and tried their best to make sure that further unnecessary delays were avoided. I've never encountered a company with such low standards and apparently no desire to foster food customer relations. Kraftmaid has shown zero desire to offer any kind of compensation or even verbal acknowledgement of our dissatisfaction. I could not ever, in good conscience, recommend this company to anyone.

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