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American Woodmark misses the Mark

Here is a short list to start with. I am getting more details from the contractor. We would like to have a representative make a visit to figure out how to fix these fast, before the countertops are installed.

1. One cabinet was missing a shelf (B36 BUTT FH ) (a replacement has already been shipped)

2. we are missing about 50% of the shelf support brackets needed to support the shelves.

3. we found 2 doors where the screws for the hinges were completely stripped, so the hinges do not stay attached.

4. The wastebasket pull-out tray is off about 1/2" (BWBT21-2 FH) Notice in the photo below, taken from the top looking down the side of the drawer front, the drawer is closed at the bottom, but due to the crooked angle of attachment, it is not closed at the top.

Also just for the record, we would not mind a little smudge if everything else was right, but on top of all the rest of these quality problems, it only added insult to injury to have the brand new wastebaskets delivered with dirty smudges on them from handling with greasy gloves:

5. The tilt out tray on the sink base is also crooked (SB36 BUTT TO) The left hand side of the tilt-out tray is closed, the right side is still open part way, does not clse because of crooked mounting.

6. The glass front cabinets - the mullions are off of horizontal by about 3/8" (W3630 MFD BUTT)) You can see in the photo below the inner shelf is not parallel with the mullion. Either the shelf mounts are not straight,m or the door is not straight. The contractor reports the mullions are not square,

7. Two doors were damaged in shipping. A photo below shows one (W3612 X 24 DP BUTT) when the shipping box was removed.

The other cabinet shows a hairline crack in the front panel, does not show up in photos (W3012 BUTT)

So far, all the items highlighted in yellow below have shown defects, and the installation is not quite finished yet:

Quantity PartName Description Options / Modifications
5 ACM8
8FT Angle Crown Molding
1 B18
18" Base Cabinet, 1 Door, 1 Drawer Furniture Ends, CushionClose Glide

1 B18 WTCD PROMO 18" Base Cabinet, Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider Furniture Ends, CushionClose Glide

1 B36 1TD BUTT 36" Base Cabinet, 1 Top Drawer, 2 Butt Doors Plywood Veneered Side, CushionClose Glide, All Plywood Construction

2 B36 BUTT FH 36" Base Cabinet, No Drawer, 2 Full Height Butt Doors Plywood Veneered Side, All Plywood Construction, Reduced Depth = 18

4 BTK8 Base Toekick
1 BWBT21-2 FH 21" Double Wastebasket Base Cabinet, 1 Full Height Doors Plywood Veneered Side, All Plywood Construction

2 DB30
30" Drawer Base Cabinet, 3 Drawers Furniture Ends, CushionClose Glide

1 DB30
30" Drawer Base Cabinet, 3 Drawers Plywood Veneered Side, CushionClose Glide, All Plywood Construction, Reduced Depth = 18

1 FP9634
96" x 34" Finished Paneling
1 SB36 BUTT TO 36" Sink/Range Base Cabinet, 2 Butt Doors, Plastic Tilt Out Tray Plywood Veneered Side, All Plywood Construction

1 TB9
9" Base Cabinet, No Drawer Furniture Ends

4 UF3
3" x 30" Universal Filler
1 UF392
3" x 92" Universal Filler
1 UT1824
18" x 24" X 84" Utility Cabinet Plywood Veneered Side, All Plywood Construction

4 VP-DROT18 18" Deep Roll Out Tray Plywood Veneered Side, CushionClose Glide, All Plywood Construction

1 VP-S1824 18" x 24" Single Shelf Plywood Veneered Side, All Plywood Construction

1 W1230
12" x 30" Wall Cabinet, 1 Door Furniture Ends

1 W1830
18" x 30" Wall Cabinet, 1 Door Furniture Ends

1 W2430 BUTT
24" x 30" Wall Cabinet, Butt Door Furniture Ends

1 W3012 BUTT 30" x 12" Wall Cabinet, 2 Butt Doors Plywood Veneered Side, All Plywood Construction

1 W3612 X 24 DP BUTT 36" x 12" x 24" Wall Cabinet, 2 butt doors Plywood Veneered Side, All Plywood Construction

2 W3630 MFD BUTT 36`` x 30`` Wall Cabinet, Mullion Frame Butt Doors Matching Interior, All Plywood Construction

18" Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider Kit

All the defects are on top of the utility cabinet being delivered late, so that it is not yet completely installed. Based on the above issues, I am concerned about what we will find with all of the pieces involved with the utility cabinet.

If this was a car instead of a cabinet, New York State law would require you to take it back and refund my money under the Lemon Laws.

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