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I recently purchased a home from Dan Ryan Builders who have selected Aristokraft Cabinetry to be installed in the new homes. These homes are located in Cane Bay Plantation, Summerville, SC and are not entry level homes.

After a week of living in the new home I noticed a black bumper pad that fell off one of my cabinet doors that reveled an unfinished extra drill hole. After I started inspecting all the cabinet doors I found extra unfinished drill holes in all my cabinet doors except one. I then had the install company come out to inspect the extra drill holes in all my new cabinet doors. They explained this is how they come from the manufacture and there SOP has them put Styrofoam bumpers over the holes to cover them up. Then they asked if I wanted new bumpers to put over the holes, and I replied NO and said I do not want extra drill holes in my new cabinet doors. I told the Rep the holes makes these cabinets look like second rate clearance rack items that are being put in homes that are not entry level.

I then contacted the company trying to find answers and their response was:
"Dear Mr. XXXXX,
Thank you for writing to us with your question. We do drill small holes on the inside of the doors and drawer fronts so we can hang them to be sprayed with finish in the manufacturing process. Those holes are then covered with bumper pads. We would be happy to send you extra bumper pads if yours are not adhering properly to your doors. Please let us know if you would like a package of bumper pads. We hope this answers your question.

Thanks again for writing to us and have a great day!


Customer Service Specialist
Aristokraft Cabinets"

I was baffled by the response and highly disappointed that their quality control team, and production manager have not thought outside the box in coming up with a more efficient way to give the consumer the best product possible without ruining the integrity of the cabinets. I know they can be finished without extra drill holes because I have one cabinet door that has no extra drill hole and their response was:


We truly apologize that you are less than satisfied with our product. To answer your question as to why some of your doors have shallow drill holes and some do not, it depends on how the door is hung during the finish process. To finish well over 25,000 doors and drawer fronts each day we must utilize the most efficient methods to do so. Aristokraft is a mass produced, stock product. It is not a custom or even semi-custom product line. Aristokraft is a durable, fashionable, but yet affordable, stock product. Dan Ryan Builders is a reputable home builder so we believe they must have good luck with our product to offer it in their not so "entry level" homes. Again, we apologize for your dissatisfaction. If you would like a package of door bumpers to cover up the drill holes in your doors, as they were meant to do, let us know and we would be happy to send them to you.

Best Regards,


So when I say beware I mean beware. They don't care about giving the consumer quality they just care about mass producing the products in quantity, and you get what you get. I would not recommend this line to anyone unless you want cabinetry that looks like a second rate clearance rack item when you open your cabinet doors. I would suggest you do your research and find a company that has better customer service, and a company that cares about giving the consumer a great quality product without jeopardizing its integrity. The response from the Aristokraft customer service rep clearly paints the image of this company of one that only cares about mass production and the bottom line dollar, and not giving the consumer quality products. It truly is a shame.

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