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Wellborn cabinets are nice, but...

I'm just having a Wellborn Belmont kitchen installed and although I really don't know about most of the things this review wants, I can say that the finish isn't consistently good. There are already marks in some places and they don't seem to want to come off, there are some "dents" that seems to have been there before the cabinets were painted, and the paint doesn't consistently cover expected areas.

However, my bigger issue with the Belmont kitchen is the drawers. The top drawers (flatware drawers, etc) are much too small for a panel. I'm unable to use the bin pulls that I want to use because they won't fit in that uber-tiny panel. In fact, I'm limited to what pulls I can use since a regular round pull is too bulky to get my fingers around (I'm a 5'4" 120 lb woman, so I don't have large hands) so I'd have to go with a football shaped pull that kind of gets lost in the face of the drawer if I only use one. If I use 2, that throws off the balance rest of the drawers below unless I use 2 bin pulls unnecessarily, which would look much too busy. So I'm stuck with a c-shaped handle. Even when using a pull that will fit, my fingers still have a hard time hitting the mark and my nails hit the bottom rail of the panel. This is a bafflingly poor design. I have been told by Wellborn that there is an option for a slab front for the top drawers, but that option was not presented to me and neither was the fact that the top drawers would change the entire look of my kitchen since I can't user the hardware I want to use.

In my opinion, after the Wellborn craftsmen made the first of these drawers, they should have seen that it is not easily functional, as a kitchen drawer that holds things people use with every meal should be. That first drawer should have been put in their company "Museum of Bad Ideas" and thereafter every drawer of that size should have been made with a slab front. The default drawer for this kitchen should be the one that functions well. If people buying this kitchen want a less useful drawer, they should be presented with said drawer as the option.

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