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On July 10 2014, we put in an order for over $14,000 - 25 ALL WOOD Mastercraft/Elkay cabinets thru our distributor. On September 3rd, we took delivery. All but 7 of the 25 cabinets were wrong. Many had masonite backs and particle board sides and shelving. One of the cabinets was broken, some of the drawer fronts were wrong, the hardware wrong on others - we had ordered all soft close drawers and some had the cheaper hardware.
We immediately called our distributor who arranged for a representative from Mastercraft to come to our house on Sept. 5. The representative, while polite, said she could not promise us anything when we said all we ask is that we get what we paid for. Our distributor reassured us that the corrections would be made. I will point out here, that we do not have a problem with the distributor - they tried their best and advocated time and time again for us.
We returned the cabinets and made due with a bare kitchen - not even a kitchen sink.
On October 5th, (after the vacation time we took to work on the kitchen had passed), the cabinets were once again delivered. Again there were problems - one door cracked, still some particle board sides and masonite backings, wrong drawer fronts, problem with finishes. I believe at this point 9 of the cabinets and some of the trim were wrong. We reluctantly accepted delivery at this time as we could no longer deal without a functional sink and there was no guarantee that they would get it right a third time. They did promise to replace the wrong and broken drawers, mismatched trim, and wrong hardware. We repaired and reinforced the cabinets with particle board and masonite.
We took final delivery of the drawers, hardware and trim a couple of days before Christmas.
After much consideration - I hate confrontation - we wrote a letter to the head of the cabinet division of Mastercraft and the head of Elkay documenting our experience. We sent the letter "return receipt requested", so we know they got the letters. We got a phone call saying they would look into it. Weeks passed - no response. I found a phone number for corporate and called. I talked to someone and e-mailed a copy of the letter that was initially sent. They promised to connect me to the right person. I did receive a phone call back with a half-hearted apology and a promise of a letter.
On April 17th I received a letter apologizing and promising a check for $500 for our inconvenience and to offset additional labor costs.
So now it's June 1, 2015 - no check, no other contact. I send another e-mail to Elkay's representative and cc'd our distributor. We heard back immediately from the distributor who promised to look into it, but never heard from Elkay's representative.
On June 24,2015, almost a year after placing our order, a check came in the mail for $500 - nothing else, just the check, no other communication or explanation from Elkay.
Mistakes are made by everyone, I have no problem with that - if they admitted to and corrected their mistakes in a timely manner, I would not be writing this review. I am not in the habit of writing negative reviews on line - actually, this is my first. We would not recommend Mastercraft/Elkay to anyone. Their idea of customer service, quality control, and quality craftsmanship does not come close to what they promise.
I cannot say strongly enough that I would not recommend this company!

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