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Misleading Farm Sink Cabinet Design *BEWARE*

If you plan/design to install a Apron Farm Sink using American Woodmark be aware of the misleading information they provide. I just bought all new cabinets for our kitchen and my wife wanted to install a apron farm sink. The designer and American Woodmark said they have a cabinet specifically for that kind of sink and fits "MOST" sinks. What they don't tell you is "MOST" farm sinks are 10 inches deep and there cabinet DOES NOT allow for that depth. We are now very limited since we need to find a shallow farm sink, I would say 99% of the sinks we have looked at will not work.

If I would of know this misleading information provided by American Woodmark I would of went with at different cabinet maker. When I called customer service they put it on the designer(Home Depot) for not informing us that a standard sink will not fit in a cabinet advertised as a farm sink cabinet. The customer service rep at Amercican Woodmark has heard this before I am guessing because she said it's not there job to define "MOST" and asked what else I wanted, it was obvious no advise or help would be available.

Thanks American Woodmark, you have made my remodel a great experience!! (American Woodmark - this is a joke by the way, don't try and mislead others and post my quote on your website as you do with other things)

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Written by Renee
November 20, 2015
Oh NO! I just ordered my cabinet and am in the process of looking for a farmhouse sink.. which one did you end up getting? I am very nervous now! Thanks in advance
Written by Renee
November 20, 2015
What sink did you end up ordering? Please advise! I am having the same issue!
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