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Less Than High Quality With a Lousy Finish

We just finished a new house in October using Kemper Cabinets from Pro Source in Roanoke. I wanted to get Decora, but our builder said he couldn't get them.

I'm not even sure where to start with this. The sample cabinets we were shown at the dealer appeared to be a totally different and higher quality than the cabinets that were installed. What I thought I was buying and what I got are totally different things. The cabinets I have are poorly finished to say the least. The have multiple small cracks in the doors that should never have made it past a quality control person. A simple second coat of finish would have probably fixed this.

The installation was so horrible that I can't begin to tell you all the flaws. The doors are unevenly spaced, crown molding is poorly aligned, and my favorite thing is the spaces between the cabinets themselves that allow the under cabinet lighting to show through. There are unfinished edges everywhere with raw wood showing which only serves to accentuate the poor quality of the cabinets themselves. All in all this was a very poor job and very poor materials used.

My biggest regret is that I didn't just put my foot down and demand the Decora cabinets. After 3 years of hard use in our old house they still looked brand new when we sold it. After 4 months of use here, these Kemper cabinets already look shabby and cheap.

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Written by Mike
May 13, 2015
I have sold Kemper Cabinets and many other lines for many years and they do stand behind their products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. I would recommend contacting the dealer. If this is a painted finish the hairline cracks at the joints are expected due to expansion and contraction of the wood. This is expected with all painted finishes. With painted cabinetry all joints are much more visible than with stained cabinets. Nature of the beast. ProSource does not install cabinetry so some of the issues are due to the installation and lack of adjustments. Decora is a more custom line at a higher price point.
Written by Thoughts...
July 17, 2015
I would concur with much of what MIKE before me said. I find that the biggest factor in a home project is not necessarily the products (although important) but the specialists that are hired to complete the job in your home. DID YOU SEE THEIR WORK BEFORE YOU LET THEM ENTER YOUR HOME? Here is the problem with this example. I am not saying that the KEMPER cabinetry was not at fault with their less-than proper quality BUT what I am saying is that the workers receiving the materials in the home may not have had the proper knowledge of how to complete their job.
This is a common happening these days. Lots of people are trying to get the least price. You get what you pay for still. In this customers case, it sounds like the DECORA cabinets would have the same issues as the KEMPER because of the hired specialists doing the work didn't know what their job entailed. Both companies are quality made cabinets. They have their hiccups. Customers have the right to contact their cabinet design company who will then contact KEMPER/DECORA to rectify the situation.
Written by Guest
October 09, 2015
Problems with installation and gaps isn't Kempers fault its whoever you hired to do the layout and installation. Kemper sends what they order. This sounds like your builder charged you for Kemper and then went with builder grade. Does it say Kemper inside their drawers? Decor is sold by Home Depot, anyone can buy it. Your builder screwed you over not Kemper. Kemper stands behind their products, they replace damaged doors without question.
Written by Matthew
October 12, 2015
This is definitely more of a contractor doing poor quality work than defective material. Also, have you determined that they indeed Kemper cabinets?
In reply to an earlier comment

Written by Jen
March 23, 2016
It seems that the contractors and manufacturers always blame the homeowners. If the cabinets arrived with huge problems like dings and poor finish - this is not the fault of the homeowner or their installer. Decor by Masterbrand has also received terrible reviews from MANY users. The good reviews are coming from reps or colleagues. I always go by the users reviews - which are the most honest.
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