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Beware Medallion does not honor their warranty! We purchased $18,000 of cabinets from them. Not one single cabinet out of the box is good. Open miters on every door & drawer front, cracks all over the place gaps inside the cabinets, and the stacked cabinets don't match up at all. The range hood is cracked and scratched so badly we didn't even take it out of the box all the way.

A Medallion rep came out to our home to inspect the cabinets and he agreed that he had never seen an ENTIRE order botched up so badly. He tried to tell me and our cabinet installers that the humidity was to blame for the open miters. However, we have had little humidity and a very mild summer here in South Jersey. The cabinets were stored in our home and never subjected to any outdoor weather at all. The idea that humidity would cause the miters to split is just laughable. The fact is that humidity will cause wood to swell not contract! We have had hard wood installed and we haven't experienced any swelling, buckling, or separating of any sorts! The floor went in 3 weeks before we had our cabinets delivered, and if the humidity was a factor in the cabinets the floor would have been effected by the same.

Medallion is now only offering us $5,000 credit towards a new set of cabinets. We ordered the gold level, because we didn't like seeing the hindges on their higest level. We have asked to replace all the cabenits with open seams & cracks, and swap out the door with a door from the same level that does not have miters. Not to much to ask for considering their warrenty claims that they back up all their craftsmanship and quality. Medallion has falild on Finish, Durability, Warranty, Quality, and if you are looking for Pice / Value they fail at that as well. It's like we have ordered a Mercedes and we actually received a 1970 rusted used Beetle! No joke we have higher quality cabinets going in our bathroom from Home Depot, Wood Mark - all wood & Plywood cabinets. We were told that Medallion was high quality and we did order the cabinets with the plywood upgrade. Can not express how disapointed we are. We purchased our home back in March 2014 and we have been without a kitchen and it looks like we may have to take legal action against Medallion to get our money back!!

We have our Soaptone waiting to be cut, a beautiful 36' double oven range stored in our garage, and we are unable to move into our home 100% without our kitchen. All thanks to Medallion not honoring their warranty!! We did not order factory seconds we ordered 100% custom cabinets and promised the moon and received garbage!! #medallionfailsoncraftmanship #medallioncabinetsfail

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Written by Guest
December 19, 2015
Ordered over $20K Medallion cabinets for a client, specifying bella door style cherry wood, peppercorn finish. Promised in 5-6 weeks, arrived late 7-8 weeks, delaying rest of job. Finish of cabinets was unrecognizable, species looked more like quarter sawn oak than cherry. No matching of veneers between doors, drawers or side by side cabinets. Frames and corner skins didn't match anything either. It looked like a patchwork quilt. Dealer insisted that cabinet finish could be repaired and we should permit installation. Against my better judgment, I agreed, since client needed to move in with a working kitchen. After a month of haggling with manufacturer's rep, rep finally agreed to have cabinets refinished on site. Such a toxic process, that ongoing renovation was delayed while cabinets were being refinished. Client was now stuck with a painted finish, not the original stained finish she had ordered and paid for. Rep would not pay to have interiors of doors refinished, so that when doors are opened the old ugly stained finish is evident. The undersides of the cabinets were left unfinished. Sit at a table and you can gaze at unfinished wood. The factory doesn't finish the bottoms of its cabinets....unbelieveable! Also ordered pantry cabinets while waiting for kitchen order. Wanted to cancel pantry cabinets but was urged not to by a promise that this would not occur again. Wrong! Exactly the same thing happened a second time. Now haggling again with manufacturer's rep to get these cabinets removed and refinished off site. Word to the wise -- stay away from Medallion. Clearly their quality control is non-existent; what you see in the dealer's showroom and what you get are 2 different things. Manufacturer's rep prefers to replace cabinets, but no guarantee that you'll get anything better after waiting another 6 weeks!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!
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Written by coffeeman58
March 02, 2017
Thank you for saving me from this manufacturer. Medallion was recommended to me by a local kitchen and bath. Apparently they do not read reviews.
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