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We did two kitchens with Starmark cabinets as well as two bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets and light boxes within this past year. The dealer we worked with was paid in full, yet when we needed her to replace one of the light fixtures (originally had come in with the wrong finish) after waiting quite some time to get the right finish ask us to have our contractor install it in the light box rather than Starmark send it already complete. Upon installation you can see that the corner is bent and the dealer is claiming Starmark is not standing behind it. I am not sure who is not standing behind it, but I would have been better off with a Roburn mirror and light where I know they stand behind everything and cost no more than what this ended up costing me. After spending many thousands of dollars with this company, no one will talk to me about replacing this piece. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM ! GO TO ANY OTHER COMPANY ! Many make all wood cabinets and have very good customer service and will deal with the customer if the dealer does not take care of it !

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Written by bel
December 18, 2013
Could not agree more. No one is standing behind the quality of the product. Finish on our cabinets is very poor quality that started peeling before installation, frames are bent. Our attorney is suggesting court action. Not sure if we can get our money back. Just sure of one thing -I do not want them to give us substitute. no need to change bad cabinetry for cabinetry with more problems
Written by Guest
June 12, 2014
I can't believe I stumbled on this review. This is one of the most difficult customers I have ever had to deal with. StarMark did take care of the issue even though her installation was not the best. She has done two kitchens with me, both incredibly beautiful, and I gave her service she would not have received elsewhere and at an incredible price as well. It is unfair when one can not give the other side of the story. She is difficult. Period. And some people will never be happy
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Written by Mike
August 01, 2014
thank you very much from an owner side to reply to this comment. Lets me know that you stand behind what you sold and tried to help her.
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