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Shrock NOT Recommended!

Shrock Not Recommended!!!

My wife and I were referred to ASA Cabinets thru our contractor.  The contractor and ASA Cabinets promised they could beat the big store cabinet timing (6-8weeks) and get us excellent cabinets in 3-4 weeks.  We visited there store, worked with the ASA salesman (Jerry) to layout our custom kitchen.  After a couple of iterations on the design layout of our small (12ft x 12ft) kitchen we ordered the Shrock cabinets in July 2016.  The Shrock cabinets arrived and were installed by our contractor by the end of August.  Many of the cabinet & doors showed up damaged and needed to be reordered.  The 1st reorder arrived in November 2016 and some of these were installed by our contractor.  Those not installed had shown up damaged and a 2nd reorder was needed.  The 2nd re-order arrived in January 2017 (Note: this is 6 months w/out a working kitchen for my wife and 2 young boys).  The installation on this order was delayed ~3 weeks because the ASA salesman said he would talk with our contractor and schedule the install.  After the ~3 weeks, he called my wife and asked us to schedule the installation.  ASA had our cabinets sit in their warehouse for 3 weeks.  We scheduled the installation and ASA shipped the cabinets to our house.  When they arrived I inspected the 9 items reordered – ALL of the items were damaged!!!  I requested a reorder of these items to be expedited.  ASA spoke with the Shrock rep and said they would not send any further replacements and instead would send a cabinet refinisher to come out to our home to repair the cabinets!  Clearly, Shrock has no faith in themselves to deliver an undamaged cabinet or cabinet door.  The cabinet refinisher arrived in February 2017.  After he inspected our cabinets he said he can fix the paint imperfections (runs, orange peel, etc.), but not the dented corners and edges – so from the start we know he can’t fix 100% of the damaged cabinets & doors.  Frustrating on our part, but we made the best of it.  I looked thru the number (~30) of extra pieces I’ve now collected and had him fix the best set I could find.  After 3 visits (pickup, drop-off and a redo), the cabinet refinished delivered his end of the bargain and finished up by March 10, 2017 (Note: this is 9 months w/out a kitchen).  To speed this process up I installed the cabinet doors of which all 3 were now warped and the drawer front had a random, visible hole in it when sent from the manufacturer!  I was able to adjust the hinges to take up the warpage in the doors and the extra hole was thought to be covered when installed, but it was not so we didn’t install it and have a damaged drawer front still.  We were so fed up with this process we called our painter to come and finish installing the baseboards and other items so we could start using our kitchen again!  I strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND using ASA Cabinets or ordering any Shrock (Masterbrand) cabinets.  We could have saved 30% on the total price and had cabinets months earlier by using someone else!!!  The online reviews about bad quality are true!

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