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Why read kitchen cabinet reviews? That is a great question that we would love to take the time to answer. As the owner of the site, I have pretty good experience with kitchen cabinets. I have remodeled numerous kitchens and pulled out some cabinets that were just awful, below builder grade junk. These cabinets have no place in your home and our reviews are a great tool in finding out how different cabinet brands are rated. But you have to understand that most people are more inclined to leave negative reviews than positive. There is a saying about this - 1 bad customer tells ten people, but a happy customer only tells one. That is a great statement, but in the age of the internet, one unhappy customer is going to post a bad review for hundreds or thousands of people to read. Our site is littered with unhappy cabinet owners who have taken the time to voice their negative experience. So please use this information, but consider that all of these companies manufacture quality cabinets and have thousands of satisfied customers who have not considered leaving a review. The reviews on our site should help you make an informed decision about the cabinets you are buying. And if you have concerns, please ask your dealer to directly address any reviews you have questions on. I am sure that they will have many positive experiences that they can share for.


Our last request, if you researched your cabinet brand on, please come back and leave a review on the brand you purchased. Your submission is anonymous and your experience might help another cabinet buyer. We look forward to reading about your kitchen cabinet experience!

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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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