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Top 2 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

A kitchen remodel is a huge home renovation, but with proper planning you can eliminate much of the stress and make the process go more smoothly. Remodeling delays are one of the biggest complaints on and we think that the stress of a delay can be minimized with proper planning and scheduling.


1. The most important thing to before remodeling your kitchen is to make sure the cabinets have arrived safely in your house before you begin the tear out process. We are assuming that proper time was spent on the design and all of the cabinets that have arrived will fit properly. Waiting to start until the cabinets arrive is critical to minimizing your out of kitchen time frame and lowering the stress. Why wait? Because your cabinets might arrive later than expected, or maybe one important cabinet arrives damaged...or worst case scenario, you receive cabinets that weren't ordered properly by the installer or retailer and you have to wait for an entirely new shipment. If your kitchen is still in tact, the delay is simply a delay in time, not inconvenience because your kitchen is still functional. If your contractor wants to remove your old cabinets before your new cabinets arrive so he can get a head start on the project, STOP THEM!


2. Choose a reliable contractor. We see reviews with on the site all the time that relate to the installer. Comments like - "The project was delayed", "the doors and drawers don't line up", "the cabinets arrived in a different color" and the classic "the cabinets are particle board but should have been plywood". I am not saying that a contractor would ever knowingly order the wrong products or finish, but it happens and when it does, YOU (the home owner) are the one who will be out money and time. There are thousands of retailers and small business owners who are professional and honest. Make sure you are working with one of them. And make sure your remodeling contract contains a LIST OF CABINETS THAT DETAILS THE FINISH, SPECIES AND ALL OPTIONS ORDERED. You should demand this and have a signature line on the contract showing that you have agreed to the details listed. If you don't have this list and haven't confirmed with a signature, you could be surprised when the cabinets arrive. Problems like wall cabinet height isn't what you imagined, or the options don't match what was discussed and the finish or species don't match. ELIMINATE THE CHANCES OF THIS happening by working with reputable company, or by purchasing the cabinets yourself.{jcomments on}

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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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