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Top 5 Consumer Rated Cabinet Brands

We are dedicated to providing honest and unbiased opinions of cabinets makers in the US. We have been online for over 5 years and over that period hundreds of people have reviewed their cabinets. So we thought it was about time to compile a quick highlight list of the top consumer rated cabinets and some of the reasons they are so highly rated.


1. Mid Continent Cabinetry - As of today, there are only a couple of reviews for Mid Continent Cabinetry. Comments for this brand include: "I would recommend these cabinets to anyone" and "these cabinets are top notch". This brand rates highly on all aspects of our rating scale and because there are no negative reviews, we consider them, as of today 10/28/2015, the #1 rated cabinet.


2. Wood-Mode - this is another brand with only a few reviews, but they are all very positive. Some of the comments include: "if I ever remodel again, I will use Wood-Mode" and "If you want a kitchen you can update, customize and ring the changes with, then this is the brand for you.". This brand also rates highly for all aspects on our rating scale.


3. KitchenCraft - Only one review on this brand, so it is hard to tell if they deserve to be in the number three slot. But, some of the brands with more reviews include more negative ratings, so it might mean that they are doing a great job all the way around and none of their customers feel the need to leave comments about them. But the one review they do have is really good and the customer thinks the cabinets are "Amazing!". Their lowest aspect on our rating scale is the price/value. This might be because the cabinets are slightly more expensive than others, but based on this review, you can expect satisfaction when buying this brand.


4. Starmark Cabinetry - this brand has seen its share of reviewers and has maintained a very high rating. As of today, they are number 4 in our top 5 list. Some of the positive comments include - "great design and finish", "we love our cabinets", "Starmark was the right choice...we couldn't be happier" With an overall rating of 8.8, it is obvious that they are making quality cabinets and taking the time to make sure their customers are happy.


5. Fieldstone Cabinetry - the reviews on Fieldstone are mostly positive with the lowest aspect being Price/Value. As of today they are number 5 in our top rated consumer list. Some customer comments are "beautiful and high quality" and "made the renovation!". It is clear that this brand is also making high quality cabinets and you can expect to be pleased with them.


We should mention that some of the brands on KitchenCabinetsReviews are rated many more times than others. This is mostly because they are national brands found in warehouse stores. The reviews show that consumers of brands not sold in warehouse stores are happier with the quality and price they pay than the customers of larger retailers. This is just an observation from the brands in our top 5 list, because none of them are sold at major retailers.

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