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When you remodel your kitchen you will be amazed at how many new and exciting accessories you can get for your cabinets. Just in the past few years many new accessories have become available and prices are more affordable than ever. So we thought we would take a minute and list some of the most popular cabinet additions available today.


1. The soft close drawer guide is one of the neatest improvements in cabinets. When this accessory was first introduced, it could add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your kitchen, but cost has come down and you will find that some cabinet makers include this option in their standard construction. This is our number one accessory because they make the biggest difference in your cabinets when opening and closing drawers. Gone are the days of hearing the drawer slam shut. With the new soft close drawer guides, everything is smooth!


2. Sticking with the soft close theme, another great accessory is the soft close door hinge. These, just like the drawer guide, make a huge difference in the feel of the cabinet when closing the doors. They allow for a nice smooth close. And just like the drawer guides these were costly when they were introduced. They are more affordable now than ever. The cool thing about this accessory is that you can add them yourself because there are versions available that install separately from the hinge, giving you an easy and cost effective upgrade. All you need is a screw gun and the install is a snap.


3. Cabinet pullouts are a must have in a modern kitchen. There are so many to choose from that deciding which ones you want might be difficult. But they are available in different price ranges and for different functions. If you want a heavy duty pullout for pots and pans, they are available. You can also find pullout shelves, full pantry pullouts, wire rack pullouts and more. These are the accessories that will really maximize the space in your kitchen and are a must when adding new cabinets and they are also a great addition to an older kitchen.


4. You might not consider lighting a cabinet accessory, but lighting is important to your finished kitchen. Under cabinet lights provide extra light for your kitchen and are a must in a modern kitchen. Go with lights that can be dimmed so that you can adjust the brightness. The under cabinet lights will make your remodel look more modern and your kitchen will be much more inviting at night when they are dimmed.


5. Last item on the list is drawer inserts. A new kitchen would be empty without these. Your cabinet maker will offer many choices of inserts that are built to fit their drawers and many different storage options will also be available. We recommend getting these accessories from your cabinet maker so that they fit perfectly. If you are on a budget, you can buy drawer organizers afterward, but they most likely will not fit as nicely as the ones from the cabinet maker. In any case, having the drawer organizers will also maximize your storage.


These are all great accessories for your new kitchen cabinets. We hope your renovation goes well and please come back to leave a review on


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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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