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We read a bunch of reviews here at KitchenCabinetsReviews and many of them are reviews of contractors, delivery companies or other things that don't pertain to actual cabinets. We thought we would take a few minutes to discuss the proper cabinet review.

1. Quality - your review should address the quality of the cabinets. Quality includes details like how well the cabinets are built. It can include specifics on the way the doors open and close, how the drawer guides function. It can also focus on the materials used. But complaining about particle board if you ordered particle board doesn't provide a good point for another customer to read. They want to hear about the overall quality.


2. The Finish- you can include details about the uniformity of the finish and how well it covers the cabinets. You can also include details about the cabinets finish matching all of the other cabinets you ordered. You can include details about the smoothness of the finish as well.


3. Durability and warranty - this one is a little more difficult for a new cabinet owner because you wont be able to tell how durable your cabinets are for some time, but you can provide manufacturer warranty information and the details about the species of your cabinets.


4. Price / Value - you should include details about the value received from your cabinets and if you are happy with the finished product you received.


If you include information on all of these topics, readers will view your review as educational and informative. This will help them to make a better cabinet buying decision.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017
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