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Top Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

When you remodel your kitchen you will be amazed at how many new and exciting accessories you can get for your cabinets. Just in the past few years many new accessories have become available and prices are more affordable than ever. So we thought we would take a minute and list some of the most popular cabinet additions available today.


1. The soft close drawer guide is one of the neatest improvements in cabinets. When this accessory was first introduced, it could add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your kitchen, but cost has come down and you will find that some cabinet makers include this option in their standard construction. This is our number one accessory because they make the biggest difference in your cabinets when opening and closing drawers. Gone are the days of hearing the drawer slam shut. With the new soft close drawer guides, everything is smooth!


2. Sticking with the soft close theme, another great accessory is the soft close door hinge. These, just like the drawer guide, make a huge difference in the feel of the cabinet when closing the doors. They allow for a nice smooth close. And just like the drawer guides these were costly when they were introduced. They are more affordable now than ever. The cool thing about this accessory is that you can add them yourself because there are versions available that install separately from the hinge, giving you an easy and cost effective upgrade. All you need is a screw gun and the install is a snap.


3. Cabinet pullouts are a must have in a modern kitchen. There are so many to choose from that deciding which ones you want might be difficult. But they are available in different price ranges and for different functions. If you want a heavy duty pullout for pots and pans, they are available. You can also find pullout shelves, full pantry pullouts, wire rack pullouts and more. These are the accessories that will really maximize the space in your kitchen and are a must when adding new cabinets and they are also a great addition to an older kitchen.


4. You might not consider lighting a cabinet accessory, but lighting is important to your finished kitchen. Under cabinet lights provide extra light for your kitchen and are a must in a modern kitchen. Go with lights that can be dimmed so that you can adjust the brightness. The under cabinet lights will make your remodel look more modern and your kitchen will be much more inviting at night when they are dimmed.


5. Last item on the list is drawer inserts. A new kitchen would be empty without these. Your cabinet maker will offer many choices of inserts that are built to fit their drawers and many different storage options will also be available. We recommend getting these accessories from your cabinet maker so that they fit perfectly. If you are on a budget, you can buy drawer organizers afterward, but they most likely will not fit as nicely as the ones from the cabinet maker. In any case, having the drawer organizers will also maximize your storage.


These are all great accessories for your new kitchen cabinets. We hope your renovation goes well and please come back to leave a review on


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Dura Supreme Complaints prompt legal threat against Kitchen Cabinets Reviews

This week is an interesting week in the history of KCR. Our site has gained traction over the six years it has been online. It's moved up in the search rankings and become more visible for relevant searches on all brands of cabinets. This is a great thing for our site and people looking for cabinet reviews! We started the site with basic editor reviews on all brands that focus on the selection, finishes and warranty offered. Cabinet customers have done the rest! We have hundreds of reviews on the site and hundreds of comments as well. Our readers want to hear real stories from real customers and we provide the platform for them.


We have just experienced our first growing pain and one that I never thought we would run into. We were recently contacted by a Dura Supreme VP and threatened with legal action if we did not remove the Dura Supreme page from our site. His assertion is that we only post negative reviews on the brand so that we can make other brands look better. That is as far from the truth as you can get. All 14 reviews on their brand have been posted including a negative review that I had denied initially because they claimed their cabinets were bamboo and I did not realize Dura Supreme sold Bamboo. But after speaking with the VP, and getting confirmation that they sell Bamboo, I posted the review.


Our site comes up number two when searching for Dura Supreme Reviews on Google, number one when searching Durasupreme cabinet reviews and five when searching for Dura Supreme cabinets. We know that our site is being seen by people who are researching this brand and our site is providing relevant and honest content about the brand - all 14 reviews submitted over the past six years.


After the conversation with the VP, we removed all of the "About Us" content, the images and KCMA certification seal. Now the Dura Supreme listing is not only devoid of any content about their brand, it only has details about them threatening legal action. In this text we posted a link to the Dura Supreme review page on Houzz and point out that the consumer reviews on Houzz are as equally unflattering of their brand when factoring out the dealer reviews. Although we really dislike that most of the reviews on Dura Supreme are negative, we can easily provide details to them with all of the reviews that have been submitted for their brand and comments that have come in since 2009 so they can be confident that we are not holding reviews back.


Threatening us with legal action, even if we remove the posts, will not remove the negative reviews from the Internet!

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Proper Kitchen Cabinet review

We read a bunch of reviews here at KitchenCabinetsReviews and many of them are reviews of contractors, delivery companies or other things that don't pertain to actual cabinets. We thought we would take a few minutes to discuss the proper cabinet review.

1. Quality - your review should address the quality of the cabinets. Quality includes details like how well the cabinets are built. It can include specifics on the way the doors open and close, how the drawer guides function. It can also focus on the materials used. But complaining about particle board if you ordered particle board doesn't provide a good point for another customer to read. They want to hear about the overall quality.


2. The Finish- you can include details about the uniformity of the finish and how well it covers the cabinets. You can also include details about the cabinets finish matching all of the other cabinets you ordered. You can include details about the smoothness of the finish as well.


3. Durability and warranty - this one is a little more difficult for a new cabinet owner because you wont be able to tell how durable your cabinets are for some time, but you can provide manufacturer warranty information and the details about the species of your cabinets.


4. Price / Value - you should include details about the value received from your cabinets and if you are happy with the finished product you received.


If you include information on all of these topics, readers will view your review as educational and informative. This will help them to make a better cabinet buying decision.

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Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

We get so many reviews about cabinet finish failing and customers that are unhappy with the finish after a given time. Most modern manufacturers use a multi step finishing process that will last for years and withstand normal use in a kitchen without an issue. But, if they are mistreated or cleaned incorrectly or in a constantly moist or wet state, then the expectancy is that the finish will breakdown. This is why there is you will most likely find a clause in your cabinet warranty voiding it is these situations occur. So it is critical to care for your cabinets properly.


1. The most important thing is to make sure you are not leaving your cabinets wet. The sink cabinet gets the most use and is closest to water, so it is important to make sure it stays as dry as possible and that you are not getting chemicals on it from the dishwasher soap or other cleaners you might be storing under the sink. These chemicals can quickly breakdown the finish on a cabinet and you need to avoid getting them on your cabinets.


2. Clean your cabinets with a soft cloth and water. No need to use chemicals because your cabinet finish is designed with a sheen that is intentional. If you are using something to clean them and make them shiny, you are adding chemicals to your cabinets that could be slowly eating away at the finish of your cabinets.


If you care for your quality made cabinets properly, you can expect a lifetime of use and beauty!

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